What to Expect in an Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Program
January 4, 2016

What to expect from an outpatient alcohol addiction programWhether you’ve decided that an outpatient alcohol rehab program is best for you or if you’re still trying to decide which alcohol rehab program to attend, knowing what to expect in an outpatient alcohol rehab program can help in the decision making process.

First, an outpatient rehab program is one where individuals do not stay in the facility all of the time. Patients are able to continue work or school while seeking treatment.

In an outpatient alcohol rehab program patients can expect the following:

Although, each program is unique many outpatient alcohol rehab programs will have a similar format. If you would like additional information about the outpatient alcohol rehab program West Palm Beach at A New Start, Inc., please click here or call 1-844-TALK-ANS.

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