What is VIVITROL®?

Vivitrol® is a monthly injection that, when combined with the counseling of a trained professional, can aid in the effectiveness and maintenance of an addiction treatment program.  Vivitrol® works as a dopamine blocker, fitting into the brain’s opioid receptors and preventing opioids from attaching to them. Unlike heroin and opioid painkillers, the active ingredient in Vivitrol®, Naltrexone, does not activate these receptors in the same way and dopamine is not released. These “blockers” essentially prevent addicts from feeling the high that is normally associated with opioids, and therefore help to reduce cravings and deter relapse. Vivitrol® is also effective in the treatment of alcoholism.  

One important fact about Vivitrol® is that while it may prevent the feelings of intense euphoria associated with opioid or alcohol use, it does NOT interfere with the natural “good feelings” a person may experience in everyday life. 

VIVITROL® may not be the ideal solution for everyone. Patients receiving VIVITROL®, like other addiction recovery medications, should combine the medication with a commitment to recovery and an abstinence program. Patients should also be monitored while taking VIVITROL® and continue substance abuse counseling. 

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