Trauma Therapy


What is Trauma?

At A New Start Inc. we believe that trauma and addiction go hand in hand. Trauma by definition is an emotional response to a significant negative event which makes a person unable to move on and live a normal life.


Some of the common forms of trauma we see are:


shutterstock_138711269These events will likely lead to emotional or psychological trauma, and especially if:

Trauma Therapy at A New Start, Inc.shutterstock_110822132

Using alcohol or drugs will not take the pain away from any trauma that the person has experienced. After time the substances will do nothing but increase the pain and should not be used as a coping mechanism. At A New Start, Inc. patients will learn the right ways to cope with the trauma and pain. As a part of trauma therapy, patients will work one on one with therapists and in group settings while learning a variety of ways to manage their trauma therapies.

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