The Role of Relapse Prevention
May 31, 2016


Understanding Relapse Prevention and its Role in Recovery

What is addiction relapse? Relapse is when someone who has undergone a period of abstinence from a drug or substance returns to using any drug or substance again. Relapse is not uncommon, but is a very real danger for an addict. It is said that 40 to 60% of drug addiction patients will relapse.

What makes relapse so dangerous is that most addicts will often return to using the same amount of the drug or substance that they were using before seeking treatment. After a period of abstinence, their body will be less capable of handling that amount of a substance and overdose is possible. It is important to not give up on yourself or your loved on when a relapse happens.

Chances of relapse are highest within the first few months after seeking addiction treatment. This is why seeking long-term addiction treatment, such as intensive outpatient and outpatient services, should be a top priority for patients after completing successful detox. By placing focus on relapse prevention, the risk of relapse can be greatly reduced.

Addiction is a Chronic Illness

At A New Start, Inc., we believe that chemical dependence is a chronic, progressive, devastating and potentially fatal disease. Relapse rates for other chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma are all comparable to the rates of addiction relapse.

Warning Signs of Relapse

Relapse does not happen suddenly. There are often stages associated with relapse and prevention is key, along with knowing the warning signs.

Possible triggers of relapse include:

Additional relapse triggers may include:

Relapse Prevention in IOP

Intensive outpatient and outpatient programs provide recovering addicts with the long-term treatment needed for continued success in recovery. IOP and OP programs allow patients to attend treatment while continuing to work or attend school.

An IOP or OP program provides a number of therapies used in relapse prevention including:

A New Start, Inc. is an IOP addiction treatment center in West Palm Beach. Our therapists teach patients to recognize the warning signs of relapse, allowing them to catch themselves before it is too late. If you or a loved one are seeking relapse prevention or help with addiction, please call us now at 1-844-TALK-ANS.

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