Psychodrama Therapy

Psychodrama Therapy

According to the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, this method of therapy is designed to provide patients with the opportunity to practice new and more effective roles and behaviors. Psychodrama therapy allows clients the rare perspective of viewing their life and addiction as a person on the outside would.

This therapy method uses techniques such as role reversal that lets clients assume the identities of friends or loved ones. The role playing with psychodrama therapy is common in family group meetings as it puts the addict or family member in the other person’s shoes.

With psychodrama therapy, the opportunity to relearn forgotten skills and confront feelings that were never properly dealt with is given to the client. The insight provided by psychodrama instills a greater confidence in substance abuse rehab clients, which in return ultimately leads to an increase in their chances for a successful and long lasting recovery.

Developed by J.L Moreno, M.D., psychodrama has since been successfully used to treat a variety of ailments, including depression, anxiety, alcoholism and drug addiction for decades. By implementing a combination of role playing and guided drama clients work through their problems.

Psychodrama helps clients to nurture and further develop their emotional physical well-being. The insights people gain when in psychodrama therapy sessions are profound and the concepts will typically require closer inspection in traditional therapy sessions. It is not unusual for therapists to pair psychodrama therapy with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

A structured and intensive treatment program works to help individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol to address their deepest roots of addiction. They gain the tools needed to create a new life while continuing their journey to recovery.

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