Providing Recovery Support During the Holidays
December 20, 2016


How to Provide Recovery Support for a Loved One During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time filled with joy and excitement. But for those in recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, this time can be challenging to say the least. With holiday cheer also comes endless parties, work functions, and family gatherings. Temptation can be at an all-time high, and in order to avoid potential relapse it is important to be extra supportive of your loved one in recovery. Below we will discuss some ways in which you can be supportive this holiday season.

Show Your Support

This time of year can become hectic. Make sure your loved one still feels that you are available to support them if they need it. Be a resource for them when things feel overwhelming. Be their “plus one” to a friend’s holiday party so they know they have someone to lean on. Most importantly, encourage them that they are doing a great job in their recovery. Act as a reminder of the progress they’ve made and that they have the strength to resist temptation.

Help Limit Temptation

Particularly for those in recovery from alcohol abuse, temptation is everywhere throughout the holiday season. Holiday gatherings are often viewed as an excuse for excessive consumption. Do what you can personally to limit temptation. If you are hosting a gathering with sober attendees, consider not serving alcohol altogether. At the very least, be sure to have non-alcoholic beverages available and encourage your other guests to be sensitive and discreet.

Be an Ally

Feeling like the only sober person in a room full of partying can be isolating and uncomfortable. Show extra support to your loved one by remaining sober with them. Not only does this make your loved one feel like they have an ally, it also acts as a form of accountability. If they know that you are there, sober, with them, they will feel stronger in their decision to resist alcohol or other substances.

Remind Them it is OK to Say No

Occasionally, your loved one may receive an invitation for a gathering it may be better not to attend. Whether other attendees are previous “bad influences,” or there might possibly be more temptation than they can handle, remind them that it is perfectly acceptable to deny an invitation. They may feel guilty not attending, but it is more important to focus on their sobriety than appeasing others.

Focus On Other Festivities

During the holiday season there are ample opportunities to get out and bond as a family or as friends that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Take a family trip to pick out holiday decorations and spend the evening together decorating the house. Drive through local Christmas light displays and enjoy the beautiful designs. Volunteer at a local hospital or shelter, bringing cheer to those less fortunate. Focusing on other fun holiday festivities can be a great way to enjoy the holidays and establish new traditions.

While the holidays may be overwhelming for those in recovery from a substance abuse disorder, there are many ways to make it easier. If you or a loved one are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, or are simply looking for extra support during the holiday season, A New Start, Inc. is here. Our IOP facility in West Palm Beach, FL is equipped with a team of caring and compassionate staff ready to help. To learn more about treatment options with A New Start, Inc. please call 1-844-TALK-ANS.

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