President Obama and Macklemore Team Up to Tackle Drug Addiction
May 18, 2016

ans_obama-macklemore-tackle-drug-addiction_1024The drug epidemic in America has been making headlines in recent months, especially with the upcoming election and campaign battles. In President Obama’s recent weekly address to the Nation, he requested Congress to pass a bill for $1.1 billion in funding to make sure those who suffer from drug addiction are receiving the proper treatment they need.

President Obama introduced Grammy Award Winning Hip-Hop Artist Macklemore who has been a powerful voice in the recovery community for years after his battle with prescription drugs. Macklemore is passionate about recovery after being sober, relapsing, and fighting to conquer his disease once again by choosing sobriety.

Macklemore explains his reasons for choosing a life in recovery. After the death of his best friend at a young age, he knew changes had to made or he would be next. He also mentions that America has to overcome the shame and stigma that is associated with the disease of addiction so people can get the treatment they need.

Obama closed his weekly address by saying that even if we haven’t fought the battle of addiction in our own lives, we probably know someone who has or who is currently suffering from the deadly disease. The President encourages us as a nation to team together and bring attention to this problem so that those who are suffering can get the help they so desperately need. The more we fight against the stigma of addiction, the more people will seek the treatment that they desperately need.

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