Pink Drug Poses New Threat
January 20, 2017

New Pink Drug Poses Threat

A new threat has emerged in the ever-growing battle against synthetic opioids. Pink, known to chemists as U-47700, is eight times stronger than heroin, and is part of a family of deadly synthetic opioids that includes fentanyl and carfentanil. Together these newer, stronger substances, all more powerful than heroin, are killing thousands of people across the country according to law enforcement and heath officials.

“Pink” gets its name from it’s pinkish hue, and is used as powder or pressed into a pill. Pink is one of a growing number of unregulated chemical compounds being purchased online and shipped to the United States from nations abroad. These drugs are chemically designed to get around laws in the United States. Two 13-year-old boys were found dead in Park City, Utah after ingesting the drugs they purchased online.

So far eight people have died from the drug this year in Florida, while only four states – including Florida – have made it illegal. Pink and other synthetic opioids cause serious and deadly effects on the body. After ingestion, the users heart rate will go down, followed by a drop in blood pressure. If too high a dose is ingested, or the drug is mixed with alcohol and/or other substances, the user can stop breathing and ultimately go into a deep sleep where – without intervention – the user will die.

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