Panic & Anxiety Disorders and Addiction


Panic & Anxiety Disorders and Addiction Treatment at A New Start, Inc.

When a person suffers from a panic and/or anxiety disorder and addiction this is known as a dual diagnosis. Dual Diagnosis is when a patient suffers from both a mental illness and a problematic substance abuse/addiction condition. It is crucial that people who suffer from a co-occurring disorder get treatment for both disorders at the same time. Those who suffer from panic and anxiety disorders are dealing with episodes of severe mental distress, and this also causes physical and emotional symptoms.

What is a Panic or Anxiety Disorder?

There are many different ways people can suffer from panic attacks or anxiety disorders. Panic and anxiety disorders can be mild to life altering. Some people suffer from panic and anxiety to the point that they are barely able to leave their home. The most common symptoms of panic and anxiety attacks are:

Addiction’s Role:

Some of those who suffer from anxiety or panic disorders may think that alcohol or drugs are going to help with their 

Some side effects when the substance use stops without proper treatment are:

Recovery from Panic and Anxiety Disorders and Addiction

For many people who struggle with panic and anxiety disorders and substance abuse, quitting drugs or alcohol can
actually make their mental illness worse. If feelings have been buried for a prolonged amount of time from drug use or alcohol when these emotions surface it can cause the symptoms to be significantly worse. It is common for those who struggle with addiction and panic or anxiety to leave rehabilitation centers early, or before the end of their treatment because both issues aren’t addressed at the same time. In order for one to be successful in recovery with a panic or anxiety disorder, the patient must be receiving the right amount of therapeutic support, and be treated as a dual diagnosis case.

A New Start, Inc’s Treatment Plan

A New Start, Inc. provides dual diagnosis treatment and therapy for all their patients. Upon entering into treatment on day one, the patient will be placed into a dual diagnosis treatment plan. An addiction treatment plan for addiction including panic and anxiety comes with intense therapy sessions including individual and group settings, education on both the mental health disorders and disease of addiction, family support groups, relapse prevention and so much more.Relapse prevention

Dual diagnosis treatment has a high level of complexity and with the right amount of patience and understanding therapists and staff at A New Start, Inc. have successfully developed a care plan that covers all aspects of the mental health disorder and addiction recovery.

The goals of A New Start, Inc.’s dual diagnosis recovery plan is to help patients learn about their panic or anxiety disorder. We also want them to understand that recovery is possible. We motivate our patients to make those positive changes in their life in order to be a productive member of society. Support is the last main goal of A New Start, Inc. We want all of our patients to feel supported through their recovery journey, if patients are encouraged and motivated it gives them the strength and support needed to keep battling forward.

We offer an assortment of dual diagnosis treatment programs that are created to help patients achieve sobriety and overcome their co-occurring disorders concurrently. To contact A New Start, Inc. now, call us at (844) TALK-ANS, we are here for you anytime of day.

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