Motivational Enhancement Therapy

What is Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a type of specialized counseling approach that helps individuals to resolve their ambivalence about engaging in treatment and stopping drug use. It is a directive, person-centered approach to therapy that focuses on improving an individual’s motivation to change. In motivational enhancement therapy it is aimed to evoke rapid and internally motivated change, rather than guide the patients stepwise through the recovery process.

For those who engage in self-destructive behaviors, they can often be ambivalent or have little motivation to change such behaviors despite having acknowledged the negative impact of these behaviors on family life, health, or social functioning. Motivational Enhancement Therapy focuses on increasing intrinsic motivation by raising awareness of an issue, adjusting any self-defeating thoughts regarding the problem itself, and increasing confidence in one’s ability to change.

How does Motivational Enhancement Therapy Work?

MET is based on the principles of motivational psychology and employs techniques associated with Motivational Interviewing. In MET, the style and techniques from Motivational Interviewing are incorporated into a structured therapeutic approach which includes a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s behaviors.

There are five motivational principles in MET which are designed to guide the therapist’s work with an individual, which include:

Who can benefit from Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

Research shows consistent efficacy of motivational enhancement therapy in increasing an individual’s readiness to stop drug use, reducing severity of substance use, and in lengthening periods of abstinence. MET can be useful in the treatment of other conditions, including eating disorders, anxiety, and gambling.

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