Life After Addiction
June 9, 2017

Starting Life After Treatment

The journey to sobriety isn’t an easy path, but creating a fresh start in life after addiction can be even more difficult in a number of ways. Detoxing, withdrawals, and cravings are just some of the symptoms you must overcome when starting in recovery from addiction. Once you begin going back to work and starting your everyday life a new set of challenges can often emerge. How you approach these challenges can make a difference in your journey. We’ve put together some tips and advice to keep in mind while going through this transition in your life.

Take Things Slow

Slow and steady is the name of the game right now. All too often, a person who has recently recovered from addiction assumes that they are ready to dive back into the real world head first, just to fall flat. While you may feel great and invigorated, you can live life to the fullest without taking on more than you can handle. Take the time you really need to readjust to the regular pace of life.

Repair Past Relationships

Repairing past damage that was done to loved ones while you were an addict is another important step to rebuilding your life. Your loved ones are likely to be happy that you’ve started the steps to recovery, but it’s also likely that there are still some damaged relationships that need attention. Take the time to approach those loved ones and to mend the relationships.

Find Sober Friends

Finding sober friends is another important part of creating your life after addiction. Spending time with a group of friends who are also sober and support your sobriety will help you in creating a positive environment for yourself. While it may be tempting to keep friendships with those who are not sober, no amount of sentimentality is worth your sobriety.

Find New Activities

When in active addiction, your activities primarily revolved around drinking or using drugs. When you weren’t engaged in substance abuse, you were likely recovering from being drunk or high. Now that you are in recovery, you’ll need to find other activities to fill your time. Taking care of your body through a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise are great ways to start. Getting enough rest is also an important part of taking care of your body.

Set Goals

You’ll also want to find yourself new goals in life. Set those goals and focus on pursuing them. It is likely you’ll find that once those goals are established and you are moving towards them, other aspects of your life, like family and friends, will naturally fall into place.

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