Life After Addiction Featuring Michael Dornellas
July 12, 2016

ans_life-after-addiction-michael-dornellas_1024Michael Dornellas, also known as @reefhunter, is a local professional photographer and videographer with a passion for the ocean and its beautiful creatures. Dornellas recently celebrated his “two years of freedom” from active addiction and alcoholism. To commemorate his two years free from active addiction Dornellas posted a video titled “Two Years of Freedom” about seeking help for his addiction and how treatment changed his life.

In the video Michael mentions coming to the point where he had enough of struggling with addiction and sought the help of the dedicated team at A New Start, Inc. He goes on to explain the impact of being able to “climb these mountains” as he overcame his doubts and built his confidence. Michael hopes this video reaches one person suffering with addiction and says it will be “his miracle of the day.”

Everyone at A New Start, Inc. congratulates Michael Dornellas and wishes him the best as he continues his journey.

To watch the video, please click here.

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