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IOP West Palm BeachIOP West Palm Beach

A New Start, Inc. is proud to offer our clients the unique combination of effective, proven, treatment methodologies and the serenity and introspection that is born by the natural beauty of our IOP West Palm Beach. Our methods are guided by our core principles, backed by research, and based on continued improvements in the science of addiction treatment, A New Start, Inc. has helped thousands of patients and family members find freedom from the chains of addiction.

We understand the toll that addiction takes on your life. A New Start is a premier IOP West Palm Beach facility offering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Our addiction treatment program develops an individualized treatment program for each client based on their unique needs. The staff at A New Start provides patients with extensive experience and knowledge.

The treatment we offer at our IOP West Palm Beach is based on the philosophy that chemical dependence is a chronic, progressive, devastating and potentially fatal disease. A disease which affects you physically, emotionally and psychologically. It impacts you, your family, your work or school endeavors, and all other relationships and involvements in your life.

Our IOP West Palm Beach program includes group and individual therapy sessions which encourage patients to become self-aware and take responsibility for their actions. At A New Start, Inc. our treatment process begins with our belief that each client’s addiction is a treatable disease from which he/she can recover.

The success you achieve at our IOP West Palm Beach depends on your effort and commitment. Attending treatment at A New Start, Inc. can bring about your recovery. However, it is the combination of what you learn here and your commitment to a 12-step program that will allow you to live a happy, healthy life.

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