IOP Treatment

About IOP Treatment

IOP treatment is a level of therapy often used in recovery for those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Patients will typically enter IOP following inpatient treatment at a facility where they are able to undergo detox from substances. IOP treatment can sometime be recommended for individuals who do not need medically-supervised detox. The addiction treatment program will typically include continued recovery through therapies on a part-time yet intensive schedule which is designed to accommodate family and work life.

There are many benefits to attending IOP treatment during your recovery including:

While taking part in IOP treatment clients will typically choose to reside in sober living facilities. This provides a safe, drug-free environment to continue their recovery from substance abuse. Sober living residents will agree to follow house rules which include maintaining sobriety, contributing by doing chores, attending house meetings, and more. A sober living environment also provides residents with additional support from others in recovery while gaining the tools to create a healthy and productive life in recovery.

The overall goal of IOP treatment and sober living is to aid in relapse prevention. Individuals recovering from substance abuse and addiction are at the greatest risk for relapse during the first 30 to 90 days of recovery. Relapse during this time can often be deadly. Structure and rules help to guide the individual as they make the transition from treatment into a new world full of constant challenges.  

Recovery skills learned during IOP treatment include:

At A New Start, Inc. we are an IOP treatment facility located in West Palm Beach focused on addressing the psychological, emotional, and behavioral components of addiction while simultaneously treating co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to help clients achieve long term sobriety by learning the tools necessary for success. To learn more about IOP treatment available at A New Start, Inc. contact us today at 1.844.TALK.ANS.

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