How to Recognize the Signs of Drug Abuse or Addiction
January 13, 2016

How to Recognize the Signs of Drug Abuse or Addiction

Drug abuse or addiction can be a difficult topic to discuss. What should you do if you’re concerned for a loved one or friend that you worry may be suffering from drug addiction? You can begin by learning about the nature of drug abuse. Understanding how drug abuse develops, what it looks like and why it can have such a powerful hold on people can aid in figuring out the best way to deal with it.

People often try drugs out of curiosity, because friends are doing it, to have a good time or to ease other problems such as anxiety, stress or depression. It is important to realize that drug use does not always lead to abuse. Some people are able to use drugs recreationally without every experiencing negative consequences or addiction. For many other people, drug addiction can lead to a number of serious problems in their life, including issues with work, school or at home. Relationships can also be affected by drug addiction leaving them to feel isolated or ashamed.

Signs of drug abuse include:

There are also physical signs of drug abuse that you may look for, including:

At A New Start, Inc. we offer an intensive outpatient program for the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Our program is based on the philosophy that chemical dependence is a chronic, progressive, devastating and potentially fatal disease. The treatment process begins with our belief that each client’s addiction is a treatable disease from which he/she can

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