High-Functioning Alcoholics

Understanding High-Functioning Alcoholics

Alcoholism can have a devastating effect on every aspect of your life, physical, mental, and emotional. It is suggested that about half of alcoholics can be described as high-functioning alcoholics. Since functional alcoholics can be extremely difficult to recognize, the number can be even higher than reported. While it’s true that your professional life and personal relationships can also be severely impacted by alcoholism, there are alcoholics who can manage to function effectively with maintaining a household and a job.

An alcoholic may be able to hide their alcohol abuse for years without experiencing any major losses in life. The reality is that this form of alcoholism can lead to severe psychological and emotional damage. These individuals are very adept at hiding their abusive drinking which can lead them to have strong denial about the problem.

When it comes to a high-functioning alcoholic, they appear to have their life in order and everything in life going for them. They may drink too much but they still excel at work and have positive relationships with family and friends. Often their success works against them because they think they have the drinking under control since their life looks be in good shape. Whether it takes months or years, their alcoholism will eventually catch up with them.

Signs of high-functioning alcoholics:

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