Halfway Houses

halfway houses

Halfway Houses

Structure and continued recovery is the goal of halfway houses. A New Start, Inc., works with halfway houses that maintain a standard of excellence in safety and structure for residents.

Patients are provided with housing in IOP and OP programs. Halfway houses are FARR accredited facilities and are held to the highest of standards of care. These beautiful homes with many amenities are perfect for those beginning their new life of sobriety.

During the beginning of recovery, it is extremely important for patients to reside in a sober living environment. Temptation and the chance of relapse is greatest during this time. A halfway house provides structure and rules to guide the individual as they transition from treatment into a new world full of constant challenges. These facilities provide the resident with the tools they need to live a productive lifestyle while maintaining sobriety.halfway house

Experience shows that men and women grow profoundly in this nurturing environment; many suffer from the disease of addiction, and many more suffer from not having safe environments in which to practice the principles of recovery.

Residents are provided with tools for a healthy, enjoyable, and productive life in recovery. While living in a halfway house, residents are constantly encouraged to grow so they can be a productive part of society.

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