Group Therapy

group therapy

Group Therapy at A New Start, Inc.

Group therapy typically involves one or more psychologists leading a small group of 10 to 15 individuals. Groups will usually meet for a few hours each week. At A New Start, Inc. clients will attend both individual and group therapy meetings at part of a multi-dynamic approach to addiction treatment. Group therapy sessions are run by therapists with specialized training and experience.

Group therapy provides a number of benefits that cannot be found in individual therapy including:

Groups can provide individuals with a support network and a sounding board to help with the coping process. A group therapy setting is often beneficial for helping participants to develop ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge they are facing. A group will also serve to provide accountability.

For those who have never taken part in a group therapy setting, the idea can be overwhelming. Clients often come to realize the tremendous benefits of group therapy. As they become more comfortable with group therapy, clients begin to speak more freely and experience positive growth.

At A New Start, Inc., our dedicated and highly-trained therapists are clinically and medically trained professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the fields of drug and alcohol addiction. Our staff are passionate about healing the broken, helping them recover from their illnesses and developing healthy behaviors. We believe addressing the whole person, mind, body and spirit is essential for long lasting wellness and recovery.


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