Giving Back to the Community – Moshe Dunoff
April 22, 2016

slack_for_ios_upload_1024Moshe Dunoff has established an incredible reputation of integrity in the addiction treatment and recovery residence communities. He believes wholeheartedly in a patient first mentality and lives what he practices in his own life. In his professional career Mr. Dunoff is a pioneer in the industry, phenomenal leader in every aspect, decision-maker, and supporter of the addiction and recovery community. He has tremendous insight into the business planning and guidance of a professional team with his leadership qualities. He presents respect to others at all levels of his practice.

Mr. Dunoff donates to various charities and organizations of which he is extremely passionate about. He has always been an active member of the Jewish faith’s community and supports many causes that have to do with educating and supporting the Jewish communities. Mr. Dunoff is originally from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, where he continues to support local organizations alongside local charities in the Palm Beach County aMoshe Dunoffrea.

In Palm Beach County, Mr. Dunoff sponsors children in the Jupiter Horsemen’s Association. Without the sponsorships these children typically would not have the opportunity to be a part of this organization. The sponsorship program through the Jupiter Horsemen’s Association teaches children about responsibility and how to take care of horses. By sponsoring a child this opportunity enriches one’s life experiences in areas that they would not otherwise experience. The main goal of the Jupiter Horsemen’s Association is to promote skill and knowledge in horsemanship, participate in parades, contests, shows, and develop interest for the general community about horses. They also strive to show their members how to properly purchase, sell, care for and breed horses.

Another organization where Mr. Dunoff enjoys giving his time and efforts is the Chabad of West Palm Beach. This organization serves as the center for Jewish life and education in the Palm Beach county area. Their organization is dedicated to making the beauty of Jewish principles and heritage accessible to all those who practice Judaism. The Chabad of West Palm Beach welcomes all Jews, any background or affiliation.

Growing up in the Philadelphia area, there are many organizations that Mr. Dunoff has been a part of since he was a young man The Chevra is an organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that caters to Jewish people in their 20s and 30s. They are dedicated to bringing the joy and warmth of Jewish heritage into the lives of young adults. Mr. Dunoff continues to support the causes of The Chevra today.

cjl-logo-webThe Rohr Center for Jewish Life is based in Mr. Dunoff’s hometown area in Pennsylvania. The Rohr Center is the Chabad for that area. A main goal of the Rohr Center is to have a place of education for Jewish youth to learn about their heritage and religion. They offer innovative, educational programs for anyone interested in a warm, non-judgemental environment. Mr. Dunoff being an active part of the faith’s community is happy to support an important organization such as the Rohr Center.

project_extremeMr. Dunoff has always wanted to help the youth in our country. Project Extreme does just that, it is a not-for-profit organization, which provides individualized and unique attention services for teens-at-risk, their families and communities. Project Extreme deals with social, emotional, familial and academic development for a positive outcome.

toplogoMr. Dunoff has always had a place in his heart for the youth who struggle with social, family, or personal life. Another organization that supports today’s youth is Our Place. Our Place, located in New York, is a safe haven type of atmosphere for troubled Jewish teenagers where they offer “whole life therapy”. Mr. Dunoff helps support their efforts in the rehabilitation of teens.

Moshe Dunoff supports each of these organizations wholeheartedly and knows that they are actively making a positive impact in the community. Mr. Dunoff hopes to be not only a leader in the recovery community but in every aspect of his life. He knows that all of these causes are making this world a better place. He wants the greater good for all people and is starting right here with A New Start, Inc.


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