Family Systems Therapy

Family Systems Therapy

What is a Family Systems Approach?

The Family Systems Therapy is one of the therapy methods used by therapists at A New Start Inc. Family Systems Therapy uses a systems view on the family is a part of an emotional unit. Each part of the system is in relation to the whole. It suggests that any individual’s behavior inside that system directly affects the functioning of the whole unit.

When a person is abusing drugs or alcohol, this has a direct effect on all the members inside the family. A New Start Inc. focuses on the whole family unit so that everyone in the family recognizes their own needs, and Family Systems Therapy can provide guidance and healing to not only the addict but also to everyone else affected. Addressing the family as a whole makes the addict feel as if they are not battling the addiction alone, and also shows other family members the roles that they could have been playing to encourage this behavior.

Enabling or co-dependency are huge issues that occur in family units. By having a Family Systems Therapy approach to treatment, it allows everyone in the family to see the problems at hand and react accordingly with the suggestions that are discovered in therapy.

Not only must there be change from the family member who uses substances, but for the family as a whole. With the whole family working together this makes the house environment on track with the same goals of sustained recovery for the addict.

One of the major goals of Family Systems Therapy is prevention, especially since substance abuse and addiction can pass from one generation to the next. If the family unit as a whole does not tolerate the abuse of drugs and alcohol, this will reduce the risk for other family traumas such as chronic unemployment, criminal behavior, and continued drug abuse.shutterstock_148305410_720

Effectiveness of Family Therapy

Research suggests that having family therapy in the therapeutic approach for substance abuse and addiction is more beneficial than not. A New Start Inc. thinks that recovery should be a family effort because it increases the engagement in treatment, reduces the drug and alcohol use, discourages relapse and also improves social and family functioning.

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