Family Program

Family Program at A New Start, Inc.

At A New Start, Inc., we believe that addiction is a family disease. Addiction does not only impact the life of the addict, but it also impacts their family, loved ones, and friends. Often, the family of an addict struggles with feelings of helplessness and anger. This is why we feel that it is important to include family in the treatment process, given the patient’s permission, to provide a supportive and healing environment for both the patient and their family.

Our Family Program provides support, education, and guidance throughout the entire treatment program, for families whether located near our facility or across the country.

Upon arrival to our intensive outpatient program facility, our staff will reach out to the family to inform them of the patients’ arrival. Within the first week of the patient’s arrival, a family packet is sent to the patient’s family with information for helping a loved one with addiction and treatment program information.

Weekly phone calls or meetings are provided as well. Family therapy meetings are available on a regular basis for those who would like to participate in family therapy sessions.

Our staff at A New Start, Inc., is available throughout the client’s treatment to offer support to family members as needed.

Our blog provides additional helpful information for families, including information regarding:


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