Dr. Oz Visits WPBF to Discuss Opioid Problem in Florida
March 2, 2017

Dr. Oz Discusses the Opioid Problem on WPBF 25 News

Earlier this week, Dr. Oz joined WPBF’s Erin Guy to discuss the opioid problem that continues to plague South Florida and the nation. Each day 91 Americans are dying from an opioid overdose, and South Florida has been hit particularly hard by this epidemic.

Dr. Oz discusses the growing opioid epidemic, why South Florida is so heavily affected, and how the rest of the country followed suit. Interestingly, at one point in our nation’s history, 90% of all prescriptions for opioid painkillers were written by doctors in Florida. As opioid popularity grew throughout Florida, it began to spread northwards and ultimately across the country.

So what is making all of America so comfortable with taking opioids? According to Dr. Oz, “It [opioids] doesn’t work that well for chronic pain. What it DOES do is get you chronically addicted to a process where you never really feel good in that you need pain medications to feel normal again. Oz then goes on to discuss the overdose-reversing drug naloxone, and how it is doing more than just saving lives. “One of the beautiful things about saving someone’s life is they have a chance to do it better next time.”

Dr. Oz speaks about those most-commonly affected by addiction, and how it is not who you’d expect. These are people just like you and I. It is the construction worker who hurts his back on the job and is prescribed pain medications by doctors who have been trained to do so. Doctors are taught that it is vital to treat injuries and chronic pain aggressively, but with just two weeks of these narcotics it is easy to become hooked. Then, because these medications are expensive, as are doctor visits, people must turn to something else. Four out of five heroin abusers started with legitimate medications prescribed to them by a doctor. You can watch Dr. Oz’s full interview with WPBF here.

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