City of Delray Beach Suing Big Pharma
June 22, 2017

Delray Beach Suing Big Pharma

It is reported that the City of Delray Beach is considering holding big pharma accountable for the opioid epidemic. The mayor of Delray Beach presented the idea of suing the companies responsible for producing painkillers. Other states have made similar moves including Mississippi, West Virginia and Ohio. These lawsuits argue that pharmaceutical companies have downplayed the addictive nature of the drugs and should be held legally responsible for the crisis.

Each overdose is said to cost the city about $2,000 in manpower and lifesaving materials. It is believed that there may be a way to possibly recoup the money, which is to file a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies for deceptive and unfair marketing. An overdose occurs almost daily in Palm Beach County, and Delray Beach is thought to be the epicenter.

The City of Delray Beach sees this move as a way to prevent future generations from becoming addicts. Beyond just money, there are hopes of sparking a conversation which will change the attitudes toward drugs, much in the way that a massive class-action lawsuit successfully filed against tobacco companies in the 1990’s changed the behaviors of smoking. They feel that now is an ideal time to file suit due to other governments having won similar lawsuits against opioid manufacturers.

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