Celebrities Who Chose a Life in Recovery
April 22, 2016

ans_celebrities-recovery_1024We have heard that addiction has no prejudice. It can affect anyone, out of any nationality, social status, religion, age, gender, profession, or any other type of demographic. Hollywood has never been a stranger to drug addiction or alcoholism.

Celebrities are always in the spotlight and as the public we have seen many celebrities and professional athletes struggle with substance abuse issues. Unfortunately we have lost many young (and old) celebrities before their time due to drug overdoses. The disease of addiction has also been the reason we have seen many professional athlete’s careers completely disintegrate.

Where there is the disease of addiction, there is also recovery! There are many celebrities who have shared stories of their journey in recovery, the reason they have chosen a substance free life, and also the joys and positive outcomes of the lifestyle change.

A familiar face that has always been a strong supporter of addiction treatment and recovery since his decision to get and stay clean, is Robert Downey Jr. He struggled with cocaine addiction for many years, which ultimately led to his rock bottom which resulted in numerous arrests and serving almost a year in jail. Instead of living a life in addiction Robert Downey Jr. took matters into his own hands and chose recovery in the early 2000s.

Since beginning recovery, he has experienced no more incidents with the law and landed the ultimate role of Iron Man inshutterstock_328755248the Marvel Comics movies. These movies continue to be one box office hit after another. Recovery truly does change the path of people’s lives.

Another Hollywood hunk who has chosen to party sober is Zac Efron, he spoke about his alcohol problems back in 2014 and has been on the road to recovery ever since. Efron said being a single Hollywood celebrity it was easy to get caught up in the party scene, but he is satisfied with his decision of abstaining from alcohol.

There are many more celebrities that have been open with the public about their recovery journey. Some have chosen to be open about their past with substance abuse and addiction, and some are more reserved. You may even be surprised by some of the names on the below list of celebrities with a past in substance abuse and addiction:

Russell Brand                                   Dennis Quaid

Macklemore                                     Samuel L. Jackson

Demi Lovato                                     Eric Clapton

Oscar De La Hoya                         Jamie Lee Curtis

Drew Barrymore                           Elton John

Jodie Sweetin                                  Steven Tyler

Fergie                                                   Whoopi Goldberg 

Martin Sheen                                   Nicole Richie

Matthew Perry

All of the celebrities mentioned have gone on to live a successful life in recovery and it is encouraging to see how much can be accomplished with a clear and sober mind. If you or someone you know has been struggling with alcoholism or addiction, A New Start can help. We have admissions counselors standing by that are here for you anytime, day or night: Please call (561) 571-8849.


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