Getting Help for a Loved One’s Addiction
02.10.2017 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Drug Abuse Substance Abuse

Finding Your Loved One Help for Addiction Addiction damages families just as much as it destroys the individual. With over 23 million Americans struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, millions more family members and friends find themselves torn between wanting to help and wanting to protect themselves. People with active addictions are often in denial of […]

Opioid Overdose Crisis Across the Northeast
02.03.2017 Addiction Addiction in the Northeast Drug Abuse In The News Opioids

The Opiate Crisis Spreading Across the Northeast The number of heroin-related overdose deaths rose 72% in Maryland over the first nine months of 2016. Compared to just one year earlier, prescription opioid-related overdose deaths spiked 17%, while fentanyl-related deaths nearly tripled. In response to the states ongoing opioid epidemic, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has launched new […]

Anxiety and Addiction
01.26.2017 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Co-occurring disorder Dual diagnosis Substance Abuse

About Anxiety and Addiction Anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness, with over 18% of American adults, or about 40 million people, suffering from one type or another. Anxiety can manifest itself in several different forms, ranging from continuous dread about nothing in particular to extreme and debilitating fear of one specific […]

Pink Drug Poses New Threat
01.20.2017 Addiction

New Pink Drug Poses Threat A new threat has emerged in the ever-growing battle against synthetic opioids. Pink, known to chemists as U-47700, is eight times stronger than heroin, and is part of a family of deadly synthetic opioids that includes fentanyl and carfentanil. Together these newer, stronger substances, all more powerful than heroin, are […]

Alcoholism Stereotypes
01.13.2017 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Alcohol Abuse

Stereotypes About Alcoholism It has long been evident that negative stigmas associated with addiction discourage many from seeking proper treatment out of fear, shame, or embarrassment. Those struggling with substance abuse want to avoid being seen as an addict, and therefore try to hide their addiction or treat it on their own. Alcoholism is unique […]

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