Alcohol Addiction on Rise
08.18.2017 Addiction Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Addiction on Rise It’s likely that you’ve heard of America’s current opioid crisis spanning the country the last few years, but there is another drug that is seeing an increase in misuse: alcohol. A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry states that several signs of alcohol misuse are on the rise. Between 2001-2002 and […]

Anger and Addiction
08.12.2017 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Substance Abuse

Anger and Addiction Anger is something that must be addressed in addiction recovery. Someone who is unable to process their anger in a healthy way may use drugs as a coping mechanism. Learning to express the anger in an appropriate manner can not only be beneficial for their personal and professional life but also for […]

Deaths from Drug Overdoses in 2016 Reach Record High
08.11.2017 Addiction Drug Abuse Prescription Drugs

Overdose Deaths in 2016 Reach Record High According to a recent government report, overdose deaths in 2016 continued to climb despite efforts to combat the epidemic. The National Center for Health Statistics states the estimates for the first 9 months of 2016 were higher than the first nine months of the previous year, which already […]

Choosing a Sober Sponsor
08.05.2017 Addiction and Recovery

Tips for Choosing a Sober Sponsor A sober sponsor is an extremely important resource for individuals in addiction recovery. A sober sponsor will provide support to help with your recovery journey. When making this decision, you’ll want to take your time in choosing a sponsor that is going to guide you through this time in […]

Stages of Relapse
07.29.2017 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Relapse Uncategorized

Stages of Relapse Relapse is a part of addiction recovery. It is believed that 40 to 60 percent of addicts will relapse at least once during their recovery. Relapse does not mean that the individual has failed at recovery, it is often viewed as a learning experience. Despite relapse often being impulsive and unplanned, there […]

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