A Silent Epidemic – Drug and Alcohol Misuse or Abuse Among Aging Adults
04.27.2016 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Alcohol Abuse Drug Abuse Substance Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Misuse or Abuse Among Aging Adults When people think about drug and alcohol abuse, often times the idea of a teenager or young adult in their 20’s comes to mind. A silent epidemic not often discussed is drug misuse and abuse among aging adults and the elderly. Addiction to prescription drugs or […]

Celebrities Who Chose a Life in Recovery
04.22.2016 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Alcohol Abuse Drug Abuse Substance Abuse

We have heard that addiction has no prejudice. It can affect anyone, out of any nationality, social status, religion, age, gender, profession, or any other type of demographic. Hollywood has never been a stranger to drug addiction or alcoholism. Celebrities are always in the spotlight and as the public we have seen many celebrities and […]

Giving Back to the Community – Moshe Dunoff
04.22.2016 In The News Moshe Dunoff

Moshe Dunoff has established an incredible reputation of integrity in the addiction treatment and recovery residence communities. He believes wholeheartedly in a patient first mentality and lives what he practices in his own life. In his professional career Mr. Dunoff is a pioneer in the industry, phenomenal leader in every aspect, decision-maker, and supporter of […]

CDC Releases New Guidelines to Fight Opioid Addiction Epidemic
04.19.2016 Addiction Addiction and Recovery In The News

The CDC Releases New Guidelines in the Opioid Addiction Epidemic Fight With an estimated 1.9 million people addicted to prescription painkillers and an additional 600,000 addicted to heroin, it’s clear that opioid addiction is a currently a major health issue. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic […]

Dangerous and Shocking Alcohol Statistics for Alcohol Awareness Month
04.15.2016 Addiction and Recovery Alcohol Abuse

A New Start, Inc. wants to recognize April as Alcohol Awareness Month Alcohol is said to be one of the most deadly substances in America. Just in death toll alone, alcohol abuse related deaths are the third highest cause of death nationwide. There are more alcohol related deaths than any other substance. More than 88,000 […]

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