Dangers of Sharing Painkiller Medication and Proper Disposal
07.06.2016 Addiction Addiction and Recovery

The Dangers of Sharing Painkiller Medication Many people are well aware of the opioid abuse epidemic sweeping the nation. A recent study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health sheds new light on how prescription painkillers are circulating the US, and overprescribing isn’t our only problem. More than 1,000 respondents were asked about their […]

Benefits of Sober Living Facilities
06.29.2016 Addiction and Recovery

Benefits of Sober Living Facilities Why Enter a Sober Living Facility? You’ve made it through the hardest part; You’ve detoxed and entered a treatment program. Now what? This is a question many recovering addicts are faced with. They have taken the steps to begin their recovery, but returning to their previous life, home, and friends […]

Common Myths About Drug Addiction
06.27.2016 Addiction Alcohol Abuse Drug Abuse Substance Abuse

Addressing Common Myths About Drug Addiction There are many stereotypical ideas of addicts portrayed on T.V and in movies. These misconceptions can have a negative impact on addicts and how people perceive them in everyday life. People often have the idea that individuals suffering from drug addiction are “all the same.” The reality is that addicts […]

A New Start, Inc. Now Offering VIVITROL for Treatment of Opioid Dependence
06.21.2016 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Alcohol Abuse Drug Abuse

An Alcohol/Opioid-Dependent Brain When you engage in an stimulating activity, the brain releases chemicals that impact your moods and feelings. When the activity is something you enjoy, your brain releases endorphins that make your body feel good. These endorphins attach to opioid receptors in the brain, and like a key in a lock, “unlock” these […]

Changing Perspective on Substance Abuse and Treatment
06.17.2016 Addiction Addiction and Recovery Substance Abuse

The Importance of Changing the Perspective on Substance Abuse and Treatment The United States continues to be embroiled in an opioid overdose epidemic. From 2000 to 2014, nearly half a million people died from overdoses in the United States. Opioids are reported to have killed more than 28,000 people in 2014. This number is more […]

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