New Vaccine Could Aid in Battle Against Cocaine Addiction
08.09.2016 Addiction and Recovery Drug Abuse Substance Abuse

New Vaccine Could Aid in Battle Against Cocaine Addiction A new animal study shows promise for development of a vaccine to be used for the treatment of cocaine addiction. Researchers have developed a potentially revolutionary vaccine that could aid in helping cocaine addicts overcome their addiction. Developed at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, the vaccine […]

What You Should Know About Functioning Addicts
08.04.2016 Addiction

What is a functioning addict? Of the nearly 17 million U.S. adults struggling with alcoholism, a shocking 19.5 percent –  almost 4 million people – fall into the category “functional.” What does this mean? How can someone with an alcohol or drug abuse problem also be classified as functional? A functional addict is an individual […]

Increase in Heroin Overdoses Seen in Delray Beach
07.28.2016 Drug Abuse In The News

Increase in Heroin Overdoses Seen in Delray Beach The Delray Beach police department continues to express concern and alarm about the recent heroin overdoses in the city. It is reported that the department responded to 13 overdose calls occurring from last Friday to Monday with two of those calls resulting in deaths. The victims were […]

Interventions – Getting Help for Your Loved One’s Addiction
07.22.2016 Addiction and Recovery

What is an intervention? An intervention can act as motivation for someone seeking help from alcohol or drug abuse, compulsive eating, or other addictive behaviors. An intervention acts as a way to educate and inform friends and family as well as bringing them together to share information and support each other.   Signs that someone […]

Life After Addiction Featuring Michael Dornellas
07.12.2016 Addiction Addiction and Recovery

Michael Dornellas, also known as @reefhunter, is a local professional photographer and videographer with a passion for the ocean and its beautiful creatures. Dornellas recently celebrated his “two years of freedom” from active addiction and alcoholism. To commemorate his two years free from active addiction Dornellas posted a video titled “Two Years of Freedom” about […]

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