Drug and Alcohol Abuse in North Carolina
10.27.2017 Addiction Alcohol Abuse Heroin Opioids Prescription Drugs Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse in North Carolina While the entire country is in a battle against addiction, some parts have been hit harder than others. A number of states, including North Carolina, were listed as having significant increases in drug overdose death rates from 2014-2015. Inside North Carolina’s Opioid Abuse A report from 2016 showed 4 North […]

New Trend Emerging in Heroin Addiction
10.20.2017 Addiction Heroin Prescription Drugs

New Trend Emerging in Heroin Addiction A new trend in heroin addiction is reported to be emerging where Americans are skipping prescription opioids and going straight to using heroin. New research indicates that cutting the supply of prescription opioids is not preventing opioid initiation. Instead, it is simply changing the drug that people try first. […]

Opioid Addiction in the Northeast
10.13.2017 Addiction Addiction in the Northeast

Opioid Addiction in the Northeast Both prescription and illicit opioids are reported to be the main cause of drug overdose deaths. In 2015, 33,091 deaths occurred as a result of opioids. The five states reported to have the highest rates of death due to overdose include West Virginia, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Ohio, and Rhode Island. […]

Addiction Recovery After Detox
10.09.2017 Addiction Addiction and Recovery

What Happens in Addiction Recovery Following Detox? You’ve decided to enter a detox program for substance abuse, but you may wonder “What happens after detox?” A detox program is the process of purging alcohol or drugs from your system in a safe and controlled manner, typically in a specialized facility. This is just the first […]

Stigma in Addiction and Mental Illness
09.29.2017 Addiction

Stigma in Addiction and Mental Illness Stigma is described as powerful, negative perceptions which are commonly associated with substance abuse, addiction, or mental illness. Many people in recovery experience stigma. Much in the way that each person’s road to recovery is different, so is the stigma they experience along the way. Negative attitudes and beliefs […]

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