Benefits of Sober Living Facilities
June 29, 2016


Benefits of Sober Living Facilities

Why Enter a Sober Living Facility?

You’ve made it through the hardest part; You’ve detoxed and entered a treatment program. Now what?

This is a question many recovering addicts are faced with. They have taken the steps to begin their recovery, but returning to their previous life, home, and friends can be a difficult and overwhelming situation. In these early stages of recovery, it is crucial for addicts to surround themselves with positive influences and people with shared goals, as well as avoid possible relapse triggers and negative influences. This is where a sober living facility comes in.

Why is Sober Living So Important?

Relapse is not uncommon, but is a very real danger for an addict. It is said that 40 to 60% of drug addiction patients will relapse, and chances of relapse are highest within the first few months after seeking addiction treatment. Early recovery is a very delicate stage in a recovering addict’s life, and our experience shows that being in a ‘safe’ environment can make the transition easier. Many suffer from the disease of addiction, but many more suffer from not having safe environments in which to practice the principles of their recovery. Benefits of sober living facilities include:

If you would like additional information on sober living facilities, we can help. Call A New Start, Inc. now at 844-TALK-ANS to speak with one of our qualified admissions counselors. We can help place you or your loved one in a safe, uplifting environment to help break through the barriers that can make recovery feel lonely and isolating. With our help and the right facility, you will begin to develop the necessary tools to begin this journey through recovery and life.

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