Benefits of Early Identification of Addiction
January 22, 2016

Benefits of early identification of addictionEarly identification of addiction can be a more effective solution for substance abuse. Oftentimes, in books, movies and on tv people are shown “hitting rock bottom” before seeking help. A person does not always have to “hit rock bottom” to be helped when it comes to addiction.

What is early identification? Early identification of addiction occurs of the first signs of a problem. Meaning, before anyone has suffered a traumatic event. This includes, losing their job, their health, or dropping out of school. Screening by a health care provider can identify an addiction problem.

In general, people are often better equipped to work on recovery when their abuse problem is identified and confronted early on. Early stages of substance abuse treatment is often less intense, causes less anxiety, and is less disruptive.

If you or a loved one has identified substance abuse early and are searching for treatment, our intensive outpatient treatment program may be the right fit. An intensive outpatient program for addiction allows patients to continue attending work or school while seeking treatment from professionals. Typically in an outpatient abuse program, patients agree to attending a specified number of hours of therapy, whether in a group or individual setting.

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