Anger and Addiction
August 12, 2017

Anger and Addiction

Anger is something that must be addressed in addiction recovery. Someone who is unable to process their anger in a healthy way may use drugs as a coping mechanism. Learning to express the anger in an appropriate manner can not only be beneficial for their personal and professional life but also for recovery. Without addressing anger, recovery may be impossible and can even lead to relapse.

Why is it difficult for addicts to manage their anger?

Addiction is often diagnosed with a mental health condition, this is known as a co-occurring disorder. It isn’t uncommon for someone struggling with addiction to have experienced a traumatic event in their life that they haven’t completely coped with. Someone struggling with addiction will ignore their feelings and build resentment and anger without realizing it.

Not dealing with their feelings can lead to learning unhealthy ways of expressing anger, which prevents the individual from processing their feelings. Addicts may even begin blaming the people around them for their problems. Addiction can prevent a person from dealing with their emotions in a healthy way.

Anger and outbursts may be signs that someone is using or abuse drugs or alcohol. If these outbursts of anger are accompanied by erratic or strange behavior, your loved one may be using or abusing substances.

In addiction recovery, individuals are taught effective ways to manage their anger. By addressing mental health disorders that contribute to substance abuse, the complex disorder can be properly treated. Anger management is a vital component of recovery and can help people to work through their negative emotions while developing healthy coping mechanisms.

Methods for managing anger in addiction recovery may include:

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