Am I an Alcoholic?

Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcoholism takes many forms, addiction for one person can look entirely different for another. There is often a stereotype that people think of when it comes to alcoholism, but this doesn’t always hold true in the real world. How do you know if you or someone you love is an alcoholic?

While the terms “alcohol abuse” and “alcoholism” are often used interchangeably, they are different. Alcohol abuse refers to a pattern of behavior where an individual drinks excessively despite negative consequences. Alcoholism refers to an addiction or dependence to alcohol where the individual has a physical or psychological compulsion to drink alcohol.

Signs of alcoholism and alcohol abuse to watch for include:

Another sign of alcoholism is when you begin to feel withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is not consumed. Heavy or prolonged drinking can lead to alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from alcohol can take hours or even days to set in, and may get increasingly worse in the days following.

Signs of withdrawal include:

Withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous and requires oversight from detox specialists. If you are concerned that you’re an alcoholic and are ready to get help, contact the addiction specialists at A New Start, Inc. today at 844.TALK.ANS. We can get you the help you need for safe detox and start you on the path to recovery from alcohol addiction.

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