ADHD and Addiction


What is ADD and ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that most people are diagnosed with at a fairly younger age than most other disorders. When diagnosed, many times a doctor will prescribe a medication to counteract the deficit or hyperactivity with a stimulant type of drug. The most known is Adderall, before Adderall a large name brand was Riddlin. There are many different prescription drugs that treat ADHD, some of them are not even stimulants. The problem with prescription drugs is there is always a possibility of addiction.

The treatment for both ADD or ADHD and addiction would be a dual-diagnosis treatment. A New Start specializes in co-occurring disorder treatment. It is important when dealing with a dual diagnosis that both the mental illness and addiction are treated at the same time, this makes relapse much less likely.

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Addiction’s Role:

Many people assume that those who suffer from ADD or ADHD are more prone to addiction because they are medicated at such a young age. People assume that since they were comfortable with one mood altering medication it makes one more likely to try other pills or mood altering substances. This could be true in some situations.

Self-medication on drugs or alcohol may work at first, it can provide the person suffering with ADD or ADHD relief from their restless symptoms and make them feel comforted. The problem is that self medication can lead to problems with addiction. Addiction can lead to a life of devastation. There are too many people with untreated ADD or ADHD that are experiencing problems in social, personal, and professional life because they are suffering from a co-occurring disorder.

shutterstock_245812327Those who suffer from ADD or ADHD may turn to alcohol or drugs as a form of self-medication. This can be more damaging than good, because once an addiction is formed, it takes therapy and treatment to ensure recovery. There is a fine line between occasional drug or substance use and abuse. It is crucial that proper treatment is received if the abuse has turned to addiction.

Recovery from ADD/ADHD and Addiction

For many people who struggle with ADD or ADHD and substance abuse, quitting drugs or alcohol can actually make their mental illness worse. It is common for those who struggle with addiction and ADD or ADHD to leave rehabilitation centers early, or before the end of their treatment because both issues aren’t addressed at the same time. In order for one to be successful in recovery while also dealing with ADD or ADHD, the client must be receiving the right amount of therapeutic support, and be treated as a dual diagnosis case.

A New Start, Inc.’s Treatment Plan:

A New Start specializes in co-occurring disorder treatment. It is important when dealing with a dual diagnosis that both the mental illness such as ADHD and addiction are treated at theshutterstock_312858959 same time, this makes relapse much less likely.  

The goals of A New Start, Inc.’s dual diagnosis recovery plan is to help patients learn about their Attention Deficit or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. We also want them to understand that recovery is possible. We motivate our patients to make those positive changes in their life in order to be a productive member of society. Support is the last main goal of A New Start. We want all of our patients to feel supported through their recovery journey, if encouraged and motivated it gives them the strength and support to keep battling forward.

We offer an assortment of dual diagnosis treatment programs that are created to help patients achieve sobriety and overcome their co-occurring disorders concurrently. To contact A New Start now, call us at (844) TALK-ANS, we are here for you anytime of day.


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