Addiction’s Many Faces
March 1, 2016

ANS_Many FacesAddiction is a habitual, compulsive, and physiological dependency to a substance. People turn to drugs and alcohol for a number of reasons. They could be suffering from money problems, coping with depression, or anxiety. Addiction does not begin for one specific reason.

Each person is different, and the path to addiction is unique to each individual. Addiction is a disease, and much like any other disease it can affect any person at any time. Often times there is a stigma attached to addiction, but it is important to know that there is no specific type of person that is affected by this disease.

It is a disease that can affect any one from any walk of life.

There is no one face that identifies addiction. It is a disease that can affect any one from any walk of life. Addiction is not a disease that only affects poor, or troubled families. This disease can happen to families of all types, those with no prior drug problems or non troubled families. Addiction is a disease that can impact families in the suburbs, the cities or rural areas. Drugs can impact anyone including middle, upper and lower income families. Some of the most loving families may have a family member that is battling addiction. Addiction can impact the young and the old.

For families that are struggling with a loved one that is suffering from addiction, it can be a confusing time. Many people assume that addiction will not happen to their family, but it can. Families often will not know where to start when it comes to finding help. An addiction treatment center can offer guidance for those families facing addiction. At A New Start, Inc., our therapists and staff are here to provide support for families and treatment clients seeking help with addiction.

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, please contact A New Start, Inc., today at 1-844-TALK-ANS.


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