Addiction Recovery After Detox
October 9, 2017

What Happens in Addiction Recovery Following Detox?

You’ve decided to enter a detox program for substance abuse, but you may wonder “What happens after detox?” A detox program is the process of purging alcohol or drugs from your system in a safe and controlled manner, typically in a specialized facility. This is just the first step in the addiction recovery journey. A detox program is typically undergone at an inpatient facility where clients are under the constant supervision of therapists, doctors, and staff. Once detox is completed clients are recommended to attend an intensive outpatient program.

Intensive Outpatient Programs Provide Continued Recovery

An IOP program provides more freedom for clients while still ensuring they remain focused on recovery and have access to addiction treatment specialists at all times. Detox is not considered to be a “cure” for addiction. This is where an intensive outpatient program comes into play. In an IOP program, clients are taught a number of skills to help identify the signs of relapse and to cope with triggers or cravings. Continued addiction recovery treatment is aimed at improving the chances of staying sober and maintaining long-term recovery.

At the start of an IOP program, an individualized treatment plan will be developed based on the needs of each client. This plan will typically include a set number of hours they must attend including individual and group therapy sessions. The overall goal of these therapy sessions is to address the root cause of addiction. Through these therapy sessions, you will work to define emotional, social, and environmental triggers that can lead to self-destructive behaviors.

Intensive outpatient programs will typically include family support and counseling aimed at helping to rebuild personal relationships which are likely to have suffered while in active addiction. While detox can help to remove the drugs or alcohol from your body, it is your level of commitment to counseling and therapy sessions that can help you maintain long-term sobriety.

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