9 Overdose Deaths Cause Concern Amongst Delray Beach Police
October 28, 2016


9 Overdose Deaths Cause Concern Amongst Delray Beach Police

The month of October has seen nine heroine overdose deaths, and police are concerned tainted heroin could be making its way around the streets of Delray Beach.

Heroin-related deaths are at an all-time high throughout the city. In a statement released by Delray Beach Police to their Facebook page, Police Chief Jeff Goldman said “It is unclear what is leading to the higher-than-normal number of deaths, but it may indicate a lethal ingredient or mix of ingredients in heroin on the street right now.”

Chief Goldman’s department has responded to 406 heroin-related calls so far in 2016, compared to just 195 overdoses in 2015. Chief Goldman as well as other first-responders have requested additional staff to combat the issue.  Goldman states “It is manpower intensive. We’ve asked for more officers on the ground. The fire department asked for more firefighters. I hope it will happen within the next year or two,” Goldman said. “That allows us to have more officers on the street to combat this issue and whatever issue comes after that. There is always going to be something.”

The Delray Beach Police Department is one of the few in the state that equips its officers with the heroin-reversal drug naloxone. Goldman says they have administered the drug approximately 71 times so far this year, saving dozens of lives that could have otherwise been lost to heroin overdose.

Heroin use has, unfortunately, become a national crisis. Extremely potent and addictive, more and more people are falling into the grip of this deadly drug. Some common symptoms of heroin use include:

Additional symptoms of heroin use include nausea, vomiting, or itching. A lowered immune system and constipation are additional symptoms associated with opioid abuse.

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