A New Start, Inc. has an incredibly dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of clinically and medically trained professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the fields of drug and alcohol addiction. At A New Start, the staff at our addiction treatment center is what makes our facility truly unique. The dedication, passion, and experience that our patients receive from team members continues to go unmatched.

Our IOP facility has an on-site staff including clinical supervisors, therapists, nurse practitioners, medical directors, group facilitators, medical coordinators, transportation coordinators, and much more.

The staff’s diversity and passion provide an outstanding environment for addicts and alcoholics to recover from their illnesses and develop healthy behaviors, which will bring them happiness, success, and long term sobriety throughout their lives.

Our team provides support, strength and hope to our patients through their hard work. This creates an environment of high-quality care and encouragement for long-term sobriety. Each staff member at A New Start, Inc., plays an important role in our community, and we appreciate the hard work and passion that they contribute on a daily basis for our patients.

At A New Start, we have a unique, highly-trained staff specializing in an integrated, multidisciplinary module of treatment. Our staff are passionate about healing the broken, helping them recover from their illnesses and developing healthy behaviors. We believe addressing the whole person, mind, body and spirit is essential for long lasting wellness and recovery.

We strive to provide the highest quality of client care in the industry, and have proven to be one of the few premier addiction treatment centers in Palm Beach County.

Gene Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer
561.408.9055 Ext 104
Michelle Graham,
Clinical Director
561.408.9055 Ext 109
Christine Patton,
Clinical Supervisor
561.408.9055 Ext 132
Frank Bartle
Chief Operating Officer
561.408.9055 Ext 136
Ana Perez
Case Manager
561.408.9055 Ext
Todd Gonzalez
Case Manager Supervisor
561.408.9055 Ext
Christine Quadrel
Chief Financial Officer
561.408.9055 Ext
George Scher
561.408.9055 Ext
Nicole Sauvola, JD
General Counsel
561.408.9055 Ext 107
Rachel Snyder MSW, JD
Chief Compliance Officer
561.408.9055 Ext
Bianca Gerena
Director of Utilization Review
561.408.9055 Ext
Colin McMasters
Community Outreach Specialist
561.408.9055 Ext 114
Fatih Penda
Outreach Specialist
561.408.9055 Ext
Shiela Joe-Gaines
Director of Human Resources
561.408.9055 Ext 135
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